What’s going on?

Just a brief update concerning what’s going on at Mercy Street Reformed Church/Chapel – as seen in the first picture below, we continue to meet for our Tuesday evening and Thursday morning Bible studies. On Tuesday evening we first feed on some delicious food for our bodies, and then we feed our souls on the marvelous Word of God. On Thursday morning we simply have a couple snacks along with coffee or tea, but the Word is still just as rich.  We have had a number of new visitors (this past Tuesday evening there were eleven of us and that was with two regulars missing).

Also, as seen in the next picture, this past Wednesday we were able to promote Mercy Street Reformed at the annual Windsor Gardens Group and Class Expo. During the course of two hours we were able to speak with a dozen or so people who expressed interest in coming to our Bible studies. The next morning (Thursday), we welcomed an individual for Bible study that I had spoken with at the expo, and on the same day I received an email from another individual from Windsor Gardens who wanted to know more about our Bible studies and church-plant.

We praise the Lord for the growth that we have seen so far, and we also pray that He would be pleased to grow us up more – both numerically and spiritually.

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