M Street Podcast Episode 3

To listen to this week’s podcast episode, please search online for ‘M Street Podcast’ and then scroll to ‘M Street Episode 3’

As we begin to look into the first general heading of the Heidelberg Catechism (Man’s Misery), Pastor Chris Moulton reflects upon the fact that the only true and right place for us to know our own misery is the moral law of God. Neither our own conscience, nor majority opinion, nor how we feel at the moment, nor what we find in nature, but only the moral law of God as summarized in the following: “You shall love the Lord your God with all of your heart, and with all of your soul, and with all your strength… and… you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” PERFECT, PERSONAL, AND PERPETUAL obedience to those commandments is what God requires of all mankind.  This reality is accurately stated in Heidelberg Catechism Lord’s Day 2.


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